Month: March 2014

URBAN ANGEL: deconstructed, final part (six)

Here are just some details taken out of the final illustration. As a whole, the image is busy and I just wanted to point out some little touches that I had fun painting: gotta have fun. details1_step_blog_painting_illustration_rene_milot details2_step_blog_painting_illustration_rene_milot details3_step_blog_painting_illustration_rene_milot The addition of the feather was just to emphasize in a subtle way, the “angel” part of the concept. details4_step_blog_painting_illustration_rene_milot details5_step_blog_painting_illustration_rene_milot

URBAN ANGEL: deconstructed, part five

The figure almost where I want it to look, it’s time to fit in some elements, to make the eyes move around. The way I approach that entire painting was to have it busy in terms of visual interest (graffitis): to draw the viewer in. I love to add these additional elements, like shadows, pipes and vent (in this case) because I treat them like graphic components, just like chest pieces that you move around, to redirect and balance the painting.


URBAN ANGEL: deconstructed, part four

Time to add some tatt’s, cool and graphic element that I’m hoping will add the the figure.


In every painting I do, I always try to make the elements fit within some dynamic reason. In this case, playing around with the placement and the way that it wraps on the shoulder, also making sure that the components within the design of the tattoo conform to that dynamic unity.


The final tweaks to incorporate it to the figure.


It has to fit within the painting, as a supporting role.

URBAN ANGEL: deconstructed, part three

I love painting figures, it anchors the image and translates the message. With a few variation of tones and values: it changes everything. It’s also cool the see a person emerges from a blank page.


I use photo references whenever I can: the reason is simple: getting to the wanted result faster. I deviate a lot from the pictures I take, because I want the figure to be my own: at least with a reference, I do not get stuck, painting a stupid elbow for half a day. Those who have the time and better abilities to do it all without references: good for them, for me, as a commercial artist: the deadline is always looming. Also I have not yet met a model that will pose for a few hours in the studio. (I’m also taking this opportunity to thank all my friends and family that have generously posed for me for years)


Almost there, just a few more touches.


URBAN ANGEL: deconstructed, part two

Now that the drawing is established: the fun part starts: adding colour. Placing what has been done so far, time to assemble and tweak to fit.


Because I started this project differently than my usual way of painting: using tones, then placing colours underneath: it will require a bit of adjustments to make it fit within my background.


I’m sad to say that I went a bit overboard painting the background: I chose to go the long way. Did all the textures, as a challenge, just wanted to to make it all from scratch: I have different brushes and some that I have created in Painter and Photoshop, it took way longer than I expected.