Month: June 2014

CAN YOU PAINT INVISIBLE PEOPLE ? The Secret Sherry Society: the aviator. PART 2 of 3

For the second poster for the Secret Sherry Society, the Aviator was a lot of fun, just like the previous illustration concept: the country gentlemen: this one had elements that made it too much fun.


Just like all my project: minimum information in my sketch: so I can have fun in the final illustration!


Blocking colours to guide me a bit for the colour choices: honestly: I really never plan my colours: I love the challenge of choosing and tweaking the colours on the fly: makes the process more challenging.


Let’s dress this lady: the boots!


Then the blouse and scarf.


Finishing the jodhpurs.


I can’t take the credit for the “animal” the agency wanted: it was their choice: totally funky: I loved it!


The concept behind all the illustrations was to have a seemingly normal portraiture with weird elements to keep the viewer interested: this is my preferred way of working: the image has to catch you once  and maintaining the curiosity level by these small details.

The first version had just a rusted metal background: so just before the delivery of the illustration: I opted for a hangar door (keeping with the theme: aviator) and added the shadows to shake the stillness of the pose.


The agency insisted with glasses on top of the head of the invisible aviator: they wanted some “Ray Ban” like the movie “Top Guns”, I was not in agreement with that decision.


After discussions: I suggested the older bomber style goggles. At the end: we all agreed that it was a better fit.