Month: November 2014

Napoléon Bonaparte riding a cow? (part 3 of 3)

Sorry for the late post: been so busy with work: time just flew by.

Now comes the background completion. As I stated earlier because the image was to be used in multiple applications: bus shelters, posters, etc, it made the file huge!

Complicated by the fact that I was emulating the painter style of Jacques-Louis David, therefore it was a time grabber.



That was way too many brush stokes… . Even if I had a brush in Painter that was close to what I wanted to execute the look I wanted: there was a lot of tweaking and back and forth. Because this project required some likeness to the original painting came the task of revisiting all that I had painted/colour blocking so far and retouching almost all the painting with brushstrokes to keep the entire image consistent.



Because the illustration was going to be seen unclose, creating the illusion of being an actual painting: I added, varnish cracks, canvas textures and yellowing of old varnish is some areas to give the image that illusion of being an old painting.


With a bit of manipulation in Photoshop, it gave it a cool touch.

Finally it’s done; it was a challenge from many aspects not to mention the sheer size of the image: at the end the clients were happy and so was I.

Just a few grabs of some of the details of the painting.