The Pilot: Steampunk (2 of 2)

Since I had to decide what elements to include: cogs, textures etc: selecting elements that would populate the image while giving a context. As I stated earlier, because steampunk is a favourite theme; cogs, gears, rivets, rust, metal had to be providing information without an overkill of indulgence.


Having made the decision to tone down the amount of elements in the illustration, a variation of material was needed to enhance those elements and provide them a platform of diversity.


With different types of textures and metals playing with light will add an extra dimension to the painting’s dynamic.

I mostly work with Corel’s Painter (with a bit of Photoshop) and just like Photoshop, you can create textures to add that extra illusion of surfaces. That way of composing an image in my case always provides me with that freedom of expanding the importance of certain elements: juxtaposing shiny  against raw distressed metal. Using the rivets like music beat tempo, little notes bouncing around: just like a rhythm.


Almost done, one of the things I like is to have a selection of good artist friends and some of their comments are worth listening to. In this case, an art director and painter friend of mine pointed out the fact that an area was a bit busy.


The Victorian style metal details holding the canvas canapé was a bit heavy to my friend’s eyes: he felt that it drew the eye towards the back of the painting. After trying different looks and sizes: I simply removed it and agreed with his observation. I think it makes for a better composition.

Here are a few details of the final art.





Interested in a print, please go to my website and shoot me an email!

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