Month: May 2016

Flight pioneer: riveting deadline

As always, a last-minute project: cool but quick deadline!

The illustration required was for an article about the brave women who pioneered aviation. The brief was simple and direct: just a depiction : straight forward: which is fine since I had a day and a half to complete the project!


As it happens so often: no time was spent on the sketch details: I knew that it had to be graphic and direct.


To all airplane lovers out there: please accept my apologies for not depicting an actual aircraft model: I create an airplane of a certain era without worrying about the accuracy of the model: the idea that was provided to me; was to give the “impression” of a by gone era.




The same principle applied to the aviator: a generic approach was requested by the art director.



When it came time to render the airplane, I knew that I had to put some rivets to evoke a vintage plane. As I started rendering I knew that I could rely in Photoshop or Painter in the action: “copy and paste”. So therefore I did not have to render every rivets… famous last words!



And it went on and on: rivets, rivets and more rivets!



After this riveting endeavour, the assembly process was easy: and turned out OK for a day and a half of work!